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Volume 3 Issue 1

Contemporary Issues in Alternate Dispute
Redressal Mechanisms


The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Act, 2015: Making India An Arbitration Friendly Seat

Shubham Kaushal and Vijay Purohit


Enforcing Multilateral Trade Obligations via Umbrella Clauses in Investor-State Arbitration – How do BITs Fare?

Vishakha Choudhary and Noyanika Batta


Scope of MFN Clause in BITs - Changing Paradigms

Mandavi Mehrotra and Aavieral Malik


Adversarial Process Problems: The Need for Mediation as an
Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Anirudh R.


Eros International Media Limited v. Telemax Links India Private Limited - A Step Ahead?

Vidhi K. Tiwari and Suman Shetty


Rick v. Brandesma - Lessons in Family Mediation where Spouse is Mentally Unstable

Mayank Samuel

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