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The RGNUL Student Research Review (RSRR) is an independent, bi-annual, student-run, double-blind, and peer-reviewed publication. As the flagship law journal of the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab, it was established in 2013 as the RGNUL Student Law Review to publish comprehensive and interdisciplinary treatments of subjects relating to the law and social sciences.

Driven by the desire to develop a culture of academic excellence and legal change, the RSRR takes a holistic approach towards the law, inviting the contributions of the humanities, public policy, and governance studies, as well as quantitative empiricism into any sub-field of the law across the globe.

RSRR has merited many accolades, featuring as one of the top twenty-five constitutional law blogs by Feedspot. It has also been ranked as one of the thirteen Indian law journals part of the respected W&L Law Journal Rankings.

Our Initiatives

The RSRR Editorial Board undertakes a variety of initiatives to explore legal and socio-political issues from a diverse range of ideological and pragmatic philosophies. Every year, it publishes Journals on an area of law of emerging relevance and increasing importance.

For shorter-form scholarship, the RSRR’s Online Blog accepts Rolling Submissions throughout the year. Intervening periods throughout the year feature themed blog submissions, usually in association with reputed and respectable stakeholders in the legal industry.

We also invite academics and industry experts to write for it as part of the Excerpts from Experts Series and feature the occasional editorial column from the Editorial Board.

Since 2019, RSRR has also initiated a weekly series of social media posts called Short Notes, which take a legal issue in the contemporary discourse and attempt to provide food for thought and expression on the facets of law involved in its resolution.

Research Assistantship Program

RSRR is the first law review at the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law to offer Research Assistantships to its students of law. These provide an opportunity for students to work and learn under the guidance of Guest Authors who are to publish in the Journal or the Online Blog. The Guest Author testimonials can be accessed here, whereas the Research Assistant testimonials can be accessed here.

Notable Collaborations

  • Collaboration with Ikigai Law an award-winning Law firm, known for its work towards innovation and technology, for the Blog Series on the themes: “Emerging Technologies: Addressing Issues of Law and Policy” and “Regulating E-Sports: Paving the Road Ahead”.

  • Collaboration with Arogya Legal a firm specialising in Health Laws and the Medical Students Association of India, India’s first and largest internationally represented medical students’ organization, for a Blog Series on “Healthcare in India: Tracing the Contours of a Transitioning Regime”.

  • Collaboration with Nishith Desai Associates known amongst Asia’s most innovative firms, for a Blog Series on “Digital Healthcare in India”.

  • Collaboration with Mishi Choudhary & Associates, a boutique law firm specialising in technology and IP laws, for a Blog Series on the theme: “Addressing Legal Concerns of AI: A Clarion Call” for the webinar series on Artificial Intelligence.

  • Collaboration with Argus Partners & Associates, a leading law firm with reputed national and international practice, for the Blog Series on “Corporate Governance: Is India Ready?

  • Collaboration with Centre for Internet Society, a not-for-profit organisation undertaking interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies, for the Blog Series on “Right to Privacy and the Legality of Surveillance”.

  • Collaboration with Saikrishna and Associates, a firm known for its IP & TMT Practice, for Volume 7, Issue 1 of the RSRR Journal on the theme: “Protecting Consumers in the 21st Century: Broadening the Outlook”.

Notable Events

  • Mishi Choudhary & Associates, for a Webinar on “Law and Artificial Intelligence”, with Mr. Ameen Jauhar, Mr. Abhayraj Naik, Mr. Prshanth Sugathan, Ms. Smriti Parsheera, Mr. Kabir Darshan and Ms. Apurva Singh embracing the event.

  • Common Cause India, for a Panel Discussion on “Citizen Police Interactions and Policing in the Pandemic”, with distinguished panellists including Mr N Ramachandran, Dr Vipul Mudgal and Dr Ruchi Sinha.

  • PRS Legislative Research for a Practicum Series on “Understanding the Functioning of Parliament, Law Making and the Career Avenues in Public Policy”, with eminent speakers, Mr. Jayraj Pandya and Ms. Mitisha Sharma.

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