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Volume 7 Issue 2

Reassessing the Environmental Rule of Law in India:
Bridging Gaps for Survival


Safeguarding Wildlife Beyond Protected Areas in India: A Review of Laws, Policies and Other Conservation

Debadityo Sinha and Mridhu Tandon


Polluter Pays Principle in India: Assessing Conceptual Boundaries and Implementation Issues

Harshita Singhal and Sujith Koonan


Evolving a Legal Framework for Climate-Inclusive Agriculture: Exploring Regulatory Insights from Foreign Jurisdictions

Vidya Vijayaraghavan


Legal Transplants as Seen in the Comparative Analysis of Judicial Decisions on the Environmental Personhood of Rivers

Mrinalini Shinde


Right to Information as an ‘Environmental’ Right: Trends, Issues and Challenges in India

Nikita Pattajoshi


Failure of Environmental Regulatory Bodies and EIA Framework: Analysis of Existing Challenges

Maneka Nair Sastharam


Voice to the River: Observations on Legal Rights for Rivers in India

Sayanangshu Modak


Beached Waste and Wasted Beaches: A Critical Analysis of the New Ship Recycling Law in India

Meera Gopal


Fat Promises and Lean Performances: Why is Environmental Impact Assessment Underperforming in India?

Sayanangshu Modak


A Critique of The NGT’s Rulings in the Vizag Gas Leak Case vis-a-vis the Environmental Rule of Law Concept

Keith Varghese and Shyama Kuriakose

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