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Volume 8 Issue 2

Unboxing the Legal Potential of the Sports and Gaming Industry: Redesigning India’s Way of Playing


A Critical Analysis of Current Provisions in India to Criminalize Match Fixing

Urvasi Naidoo and Aayushi Singh


Doping in Sports: Going the Digital Way

Lovely Dasgupta


Valuation System of Players and Athletes in Sports: A New Model of Assessment

Tushar Katheria


Game of Skill or Chance or Both? Designing A Regulatory Architecture for Fantasy Sports in India

Shashank Atreya


Need For a Standardized Regulatory Framework in Fantasy Sports

Aakash Arun Roa and Ritik Kumar Rath


Dynamic Nature of Pay-To-Play Contests: A Checkerboard of Varying Regulations and its Inadequacy

Coral Shah and Suryanshu Priyadarshi


Ownership of IPR and the Relevance of Insurance in E-Sport Contracts: An Overview

Indiradevi Kollipara

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