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Law and Artificial Intelligence -
A Primer

On June 25 2020, the RGNUL Student Research Review (RSRR) organised a webinar on ‘Law and Artificial Intelligence: A Primer’ in association with Mishi Choudhary & Associates and Powered by Lawoctopus. The speakers on the occasion were Mr. Kabir Darshan Singh Choudhary, a Technology Attorney based in New York and Ms. Apurva Singh, Associate at Mishi Chaudhary & Associates.

Mr. Choudhary spoke first, providing a broad and holistic overview of artificial intelligence (AI) and the technological approaches used in its ambit. He spoke of the circumstances we find ourselves today, and how these approaches fit into our societal needs. He concluded by tracing a history of the law and its impact on AI.

Ms Singh spoke next, dealing with the AI in the profession of law and its capacity to supplement or supplant lawyers as understood today. She went on to explain the empirical benefits of the use of AI and its natural language processing capabilities to recognise legal problems, as well as supplement legal research. She also dealt with issues relating to contract law and criminal liability.

Both speakers took on an analysis of the stakeholders in the debate surrounding AI and how they can serve to benefit from it. This included the government, businesses, and individuals themselves. Their practical benefits in these realms were also highlighted.

Lastly, the speakers took questions from the audience and addressed questions of dynamic change within the profession by the onset of AI related developments, climate change, criminal evidence, and patent rights.

Mr. Mustafa Rasheed, the representative from Lawoctopus, also spoke of the foundational courses they offered and their ubiquity in relation to issues of such omnibus concern, and the future intention of Lawoctopus to develop a course on the legal aspects of AI, and thereafter putting the webinar to a close.

The relevant documents can be accessed here:

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