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Volume 10 Issue 2

The RGNUL Student Research Review (RSRR) is a student-run, bi-annual, peer-reviewed flagship law journal publication of the Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law, Punjab. We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 10 Issue 2.

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Latest Issue - Volume 9 Issue 1

The Development and Future of Energy Transition:
Analyzing the Legal Landscape


Analysing Urban Energy Transition in Light of the Energy Conservation Act, 2001

Dr Madhubanti Sadhya


Energy Law as an Area of Law in India

Badrinath Srinivasan


Federalism and its Impact on India's Energy Transition: The Case of the Electricity Sector

Lydia Powell


Renewable Energy Banking: The Esoteric Trump Card in Quest for Energy Security Goals

 Divya Singh Rathore

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